About Omnibanca

Omnibanca is the most well rounded and adaptable omnichannel digital banking platform of its kind. Built in Latin America and designed to help financial institutions compete more effectively in an interconnected digital world.

Our solution consolidates, in one single product, the functionalities of the traditional core systems and the new fintech ,capabilities, in one fluid and innovative client experience made to optimize the use of each channel.

Through Omnibanca, your institution will have true omnichannel services thanks to a unique and totally integrated platform. You will be able to centralize your businesses’ services for greater control and agility, while you also facilitate the maintenance and scalability.

You can choose where you want to begin, since our solution is completely modular and scalable to adapt to your current and future needs.

Our Value proposal

A single platform to manage all your digital channels

Put your clients in control of their banking experience and allow them to choose the adequate channel for their needs and preferences.

Our digital banking platform allows financial institutions to effectively implement their digital channels under a scalable diagram. This allows the incorporation or elimination of channels according to your strategy and the market’s needs, thanks to the fact that our product is built on a multilayer platform, it makes the most out of current assets, through the integration of your core and other business apps, reusing in an effective way each one of the components.

We count with web, mobile and wearable apps, to download channels such as: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Watch Banking, Kiosks, Beacons, SMS Banking, P2P Payments, Branch FrontOffice, Contact Center and Back Office. All of these with an attractive interface, consistent among the different channels and totally personalizable. .

Our online banking portal on the web answers to the new client demands, with powerful functions and a totally responsive design, fresh, innovative and modern, that allows an effective virtual customer service experience.

Clients are ever more connected, and they demand mobility and availability from their financial institutions. That is why that mobile banking is the channel presenting the most growth. You can provide access to your services at anytime and anywhere with our mobile app, compatible with different operative systems.

Allow your clients to check on their money anywhere they are. They can make easy wire transfers and payments from their wrists, find close ATMs and branch offices, and enjoy access to your accounts. Available for Android and Apple SmartWatch.

: Integrate a new easy and intuitive form of interaction to your institution. The kiosks allow immediate access to a group of transactions, services and searches that can be made directly by the client, with a high degree of autonomy, security and rapidly.

The beacons are internal positioning devices that allow us to localize objects, in this case, people that enter your branch offices with Smartphones. From that moment on you will be able to interact with them using this channel.

Incorporate those clients that do not have a smartphone to the benefits of an omnichannel banking platform. Our messaging app has an interactive menu where your clients will be able to consult, transfer, pay, reload and receive notifications from the comfort of their phones.

Allow your financial institution to be a part of the fintech world by using our “person-to-person” payment platform. Our app has a simple interface that allows users to send and receive money using their contact library in their phones. The wallet can be managed through independent payment points, or by connecting it to their own bank account to make it easier. If you wish to send money anywhere in the world, you can do it since we have a payment option available for cryptocurrencies.

We provide an agile platform to manage the daily activities of your branch offices, connected to a single customer service channel that allows your institutions to be more effective and to improve your client’s experience

Allow for your institutions to have a faster and more effective way to answer to your clients. Our call center is design for increasing the service quality, facilitating the interaction between agents and your clients.

In this module you will find all that you need for the administration of the platform, as well as the functionalities that will positively impact your business, such as: campaign management, content management, document management, data analytics tools, among others. .

User experience that makes the difference

Omnibanca is present through the different self-service and assisted points of contact, allowing financial institutions to meet and exceed client expectations. Clients are more demanding of availability, fluidity, capacity and simplicity.

We offer a modern, fluid and institutive user experience, with simple but powerful components, which allows for quick response times. Additionally, it is totally personalizable, so Omnibanca adjusts to deliver the features and standards of your brand (image, colors, logos, fonts, etc.)

We have interfaces specially designed to be searched from the web, mobiles and wearables, which automatically adapt to the variety of devices available in the market.

Even from the internal view of the financial institutions (Branch FrontOffice), collaborators from inside the bank will have the same interface than the clients to facilitate operations.

Portal management, a new web experience

Omnibanca allows the creation and maintenance of portals (public and private) in an agile and simple way, thanks to the content processor incorporated in the tool.

You can make a public website with a unique user experience that adapts to the users’ preferences and needs through personalized content and responsive designs, to guarantee a fluid and consistent experience regardless of which device the client is using. Or if you prefer, create a modern intranet that promotes collaboration, that can bring timely information to your employees to help them in their decision-making.

With Omnibanca you will be able to build public websites and internal portals with the same look & feel for an ideal experience. You can publish content in a dynamic way in your site, taking advantage of the content agent and revision sites, approval and publication of content in an automatized and programmed way.

Additionally, the portals managed through Omnibanca will help you know your client better because you will have an integrated and complete vision of all their interactions with your business.

Your collaborators will also enjoy the benefits of the omnichannel online banking

Bank’s branch offices are constantly transforming, from their traditional service models towards highly automatized business centers. That is why Omnibanca offers the necessary technology to contribute and improve branch offices’ role in the strengthening of the relation with your clients, through our “Bran FrontOffice” solution. It is a single desk for the management of activities supported by your different systems. That way, your bank representatives can focus on the tasks that actually generate value and bring a renovated client experience.

Your company can also incorporate you Contact Center into the Omnibanca experience, with a tool designed to meet your final goal: making the contact between your clients and the bank easier. Increase your customer service quality using our solution, allowing them to make searches and transactions using different avenues, while feeling satisfy by seeing their demands being resolved easily and effectively.

Get ready for our robust, powerful and scalable platform!

We want to give our clients a consistent and connected experience through our different channels, and that is why creating new projects every time that new digital channels come up is not the best alternative for your business. Having a single platform that shares and reuses capabilities is the best solution to grow in a structured way, without affecting performance and operative costs.

Omnibanca orchestrates processes through channels and maintains connectivity with different back-end systems, making your contact points consistent and agile for future demands on your banking platform.

Omnibanca is the ideal ally for the implementation of your digital strategy, because we eliminate silos while connecting all digital banking channels with the back-end apps (banking core, payment apps, CRM, among other). We make access to services easier from a single location and through a single connection, this positively impacts the efficacy and efficiency of your business’ processes, simplifies the IT structure, reduces operative costs, and unifies your client’s data in a single source.

Get to know your clients better and anticipate their needs

Every day clients are more demanding and harder to make loyal, that is why having a vision that allows us to get to know them better and anticipate their needs is vital. With Omnibanca this is possible thanks to our unified channels and their connectivity to your back-end applications. You will have precise and up-to-date information about your clients which will help you provide a better service, optimize decision making and improve the sale process of your products and services.

With Omnibanca, each banking channel can be transformed into an efficient communication tool that improves client experience and maximizes the opportunity for selling your services. This is done thanks to the campaign management module that allows the segmentation of clients which will provide you with the basic information about that clients group, their behavior and the interaction between the client and each one of your channels, so you can target campaigns to each client group with products that align with their needs and preferences. This will help you improve respond numbers and the effectiveness of your campaigns, while also positively impacting your client experience and your sales. Our analysis tools will allow you to evaluate the results of your campaigns, so you can adjust them and obtain better results.

Trust and security for all your clients

The digital channels that make up Omnibanca provide you with tools that will allow you to appropriately protect your clients’ data.

The security of your clients must be a top priority, but it is hard to find a balance that allows you to meet security regulations and clients’ demands for faster access and simpler banking operations. That is why Omnibanca implements different identification functionalities, that allow clients to choose between signing up using a username and password or through the use of their digital prints. We also incorporated additional security options like: tokens and two-factor identification.

Nuestra propuesta de valor

Una plataforma única para la gestión de sus canales digitales

Coloque a sus clientes en control de su experiencia bancaria y permítales elegir el canal adecuado para sus necesidades y preferencias.

Nuestra plataforma de banca digital, permite a las instituciones financieras la implementación eficaz y oportuna de canales digitales bajo un esquema escalable, que permite incorporar o eliminar canales en función de su estrategia y de las necesidades del mercado, gracias a que nuestro producto está basado en una plataforma de arquitectura multicapa, sacando así el mayor provecho de sus activos actuales, mediante la integración con su core y con otras aplicaciones de negocio, reutilizando de forma óptima cada uno de los componentes.

Contamos con aplicaciones web, móviles y weareables, para desplegar canales como: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Watch Banking, Kioskos, Beacons, SMS Banking, P2P Payments, Branch FrontOffice, Contact Center y Back Office; todas con una interfaz atractiva, consistente entre los distintos canales y totalmente personalizable.

Experiencia de usuario que marca la diferencia

Omnibanca está presente a través de los distintos puntos de contacto de autoservicio y de servicio asistido, habilitando a las instituciones financieras para cumplir y superar las expectativas de sus clientes, los cuáles son cada vez más exigentes, demandando: disponibilidad, fluidez, potencia y simplicidad.

Ofrecemos una experiencia de usuario moderna, fluida, intuitiva, con componentes sencillos y ligeros pero potentes, lo que permite tiempos de respuesta veloces. Adicionalmente, es totalmente personalizable, de modo que Omnibanca se ajustará para cumplir con los lineamientos y estándares de su marca (imágenes, colores, logotipos, tipografía, entre otros).

Contamos con interfaces especialmente diseñadas para ser consultadas desde la web, desde móviles y weareables, las cuáles se adaptan automáticamente a la variedad de dispositivos disponibles en el mercado.

Incluso, desde la vista interna de la institución financiera (Branch FrontOffice), los colaboradores del banco podrán contar con la misma interfaz que los clientes para facilitar las operaciones.

Gestión de portales, una nueva experiencia web

Omnibanca permite la creación y mantenimiento de portales (públicos y privados) de una manera ágil y sencilla, gracias al gestor de contenido incorporado en la herramienta.

Cree un sitio web público con una experiencia de usuario única, que se adapte a las preferencias y necesidades de cada usuario por medio de contenido personalizado por segmento y con diseños responsivos para garantizar una experiencia fluida y consistente indistintamente del dispositivo que utilizan sus clientes. O si lo prefiere, cree una intranet moderna que promueva la colaboración, que brinde información oportuna a sus empleados para ayudarlos en la toma de decisiones y combine con sistemas de back-end para eliminar así silos de información.

Con Omnibanca podrá construir sitios web públicos y portales internos con el mismo look & feel para una experiencia ideal. Publique contenido de forma dinámica en su sitio, aproveche el gestor de contenido y sitios para la revisión, aprobación y publicación de contenido de forma automatizada o programada.

Adicionalmente, los portales gestionados a través de Omnibanca le ayudan a conocer mejor a su cliente, al tener una visión integrada y completa de todas sus interacciones con su negocio.

Sus colaboradores también disfrutan de los beneficios de la banca digital omnicanal

Las sucursales bancarias se están transformando constantemente desde los modelos de servicios tradicionales hacia centros de negocios altamente automatizados, es por eso que Omnibanca ofrece la tecnología necesaria para apoyar y mejorar el papel de las sucursales en el fortalecimiento de las relaciones con los clientes, por medio de la solución denominada “Branch FrontOffice”, un escritorio único para la gestión de las actividades llevadas a cabo en la sucursal, conectada a datos y procesos soportados por sus distintos sistemas. Así, sus representantes bancarios pueden enfocarse en las tareas que realmente generan valor al negocio y brindar una renovada experiencia al cliente.

También puede incorporar a su Contac Center a la experiencia Omnibanca, con una herramienta diseñada para cumplir su propósito final: Facilitar a sus clientes el contacto con su banco. Aumente la calidad de los servicios suministrados y mejore la experiencia de su cliente utilizando nuestra solución, permitiéndoles realizar las consultas y transacciones utilizando distintas vías, y sentirse satisfechos al ver sus solicitudes resueltas con rapidez y exactitud.

¡Prepárate para los cambios! Una solución robusta, potente y escalable

Queremos brindar a nuestros clientes una experiencia consistente y conectada a través de los diferentes canales, por lo que crear nuevos proyectos y silos cada vez que surge un nuevo canal digital no es la mejor alternativa. Contar con una plataforma única que comparta y reutilice capacidades es la solución para poder crecer estructuradamente sin afectar rendimiento ni costos operativos.

Omnibanca orquesta procesos a través de los canales y mantiene la conectividad con los sistemas back-end, haciendo que sus puntos de contacto sean consistentes y ágiles para futuras demandas de sus soluciones bancarias.

Omnibanca es el aliado ideal para la implementación de su estrategia digital, ya que elimina los silos al conectar todos los canales de banca digital con las aplicaciones back-end (core bancario, aplicaciones de pagos, CRM, entre otros); facilitando el acceso a los servicios desde una sola ubicación y a través de una única conexión, impactando positivamente en la eficacia y eficiencia de los procesos de negocio, simplificando la estructura de TI, reduciendo los costos operativos y de mantenimiento y unificando la data de tus clientes en un única fuente.

Confianza y seguridad para tus clientes

Los canales digitales que componen Omnibanca, proporcionan herramientas que le permitirán resguardar apropiadamente los datos de sus clientes.

La seguridad de los clientes debe ser la mayor prioridad, pero cada vez se dificulta más encontrar el balance que permita dar cumplimiento a las regulaciones de seguridad y complacer las exigencias cada vez mayores de nuestros clientes, quienes demandan accesos rápidos y sencillos para realizar sus operaciones bancarias diarias. Es por ello que Omnibanca implementa distintas funcionalidades de autenticación, que habilita a los clientes a escoger entre iniciar sesión haciendo uso de un nombre de usuario y una contraseña o por medio del reconocimiento de su huella dactilar; además, incorporáramos opciones de seguridad adicionales, como: utilización de tokens y autenticación de dos factores.

Confianza y seguridad para tus clientes

Los canales digitales que componen Omnibanca, proporcionan herramientas que le permitirán resguardar apropiadamente los datos de sus clientes.

La seguridad de los clientes debe ser la mayor prioridad, pero cada vez se dificulta más encontrar el balance que permita dar cumplimiento a las regulaciones de seguridad y complacer las exigencias cada vez mayores de nuestros clientes, quienes demandan accesos rápidos y sencillos para realizar sus operaciones bancarias diarias. Es por ello que Omnibanca implementa distintas funcionalidades de autenticación, que habilita a los clientes a escoger entre iniciar sesión haciendo uso de un nombre de usuario y una contraseña o por medio del reconocimiento de su huella dactilar; además, incorporáramos opciones de seguridad adicionales, como: utilización de tokens y autenticación de dos factores.


Omnibanca is a perfect software solution for the implementation of digital channels in any business that manages financial products, such as: banks, fiduciary companies, savings and loan companies, credit cooperatives and other non-banking financial institutions.

Of course! Omnibanca is a solution that allows you to offer online and mobile banking. Our design allows us to make all functions work and look nicely on each device, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, we offer the option of having your own personalized banking app for iOS and Android, we will take care of getting the approval from all app stores. And not only that, Omnibanca also allows you to incorporate, according to your needs, other innovative digital channels like: smartwatch apps, SMS banking, mobile app for payments P2P, beacons implementation, among others. Implementing an omnichannel digital banks has never been this easy!

o Our solution was designed to be personalized. During the implementation process we will take care of changing the color scheme and the iconography according to your requirements, and of course upload your own personalized logos.

If you need additional personalization, of the design or the functionalities, our programmers are highly qualified to support you.

We have pre-configured connectors for a wide variety of banking cores available in the market, such as CRM connectors and other business apps. If the development of additional connectors is necessary to adapt to your platform, our programmers are qualified to develop them in a timely manner during the implementation phase.

In our security model you will be able to create the number of users you require, including administrative accounts, and also manage different roles for establishing different levels of authorization.

When you acquire Omnibanca, you have control over it. You can choose to host it in your own platform, or if you want us to implement it in a cloud platform.


Our headquarters:

Corporation Consultec TI Panamá
Address:Aquilino de la Guardia Avenue, Ocean Business Plaza, Ciudad de Panamá.
Teléfono: +507-387.73.70
Sitio web: omnibanca.com